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Case Caro Carrubo Rustico B&B: An eco-sustainable refuge in the Iblean Mountains

Case Caro Carrubo Rustico B&B in Sicily

Discover the charming world of Case Caro Carrubo! It’s a rustic bed and breakfast located in the heart of Chiaramonte Gulfi, Ragusa, Sicily. This eco-sustainable B&B tells a love story for the Sicilian land. It embraces the simplicity and tranquility of country life, offering a unique connection with nature through sustainable practices. We interviewed Renate Brutschin, the founder of Case Caro Carrubo, who shared the story of the B&B.

Case Caro Carrubo was born from her love for Sicily, a land she has adopted for over 25 years. Driven by the fight against missiles in Comiso, Renate landed on this enchanting island and was captivated by it. Especially by the hill that hosts her B&B. She has always loved the simple and quiet country life, immersed in nature. Also desired to create a place where guests could find their balance, stepping away from the chaos of everyday life and reconnecting with the earth. Thus, Case Caro Carrubo was born, a refuge where nature reigns supreme and where the slowness of time sets the rhythm of life.

Case Caro Carrubo, eco-friendly refuge in Sicily

What environmental measures have you adopted?

Case Caro Carrubo is a concrete example of eco-sustainability. We have adopted several measures to reduce our environmental impact. First and foremost, we chose to use solar energy for lighting and hot water. We also reforested the hill with about 1000 plants, turning it into a small woodland after thirty years. Finally, we use only biodegradable detergents for cleaning rooms and common areas, minimizing environmental pollution. Thinking globally and acting locally is the basis for our daily activities. We seek to support the local, organic, and fair trade economy.

Case Caro Carrubo Rustico B&B: family and garden

What do your guests appreciate most?

Our guests appreciate, above all, the direct contact with nature, tranquility, and the strategic location. It allows for easy exploration of the Monti Iblei and the surroundings. From Case Caro Carrubo, you can set out on foot to discover the trails and landscapes of the area, or for those more sporty, by bike. Nearby, there is a stone mill that was one of the first to be interested in saving ancient grains. There is also the Pagoda for Peace in Comiso, the only one in Italy and one of four in all of Europe. It was established in1998, after years of perseverance, right in front of what would become the NATO nuclear base in Sicily, later dismantled in the early ’90s.

Case Caro Carrubo Rustico B&B inside

What does it mean for you to be part of Ecobnb?

I feel represented on a site like yours. I am glad to be able to communicate with real and committed people who share my passion for nature and who choose to travel in an ethical and sustainable way.

Case Caro Carrubo, bnb surrounded by nature, sicily

Case Caro Carrubo is a special place to find inner peace, savor the taste of slowness, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. A perfect retreat for those seeking an authentic and sustainable experience, away from the chaos of everyday life. Case Caro Carrubo awaits you, where nature and hospitality come together to offer unique and regenerating experiences.

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Title: Case Caro Carrubo Rustico B&B: An eco-sustainable refuge in the Iblean Mountains
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