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“See travel time as an opportunity for thoughts, reflection, and a chance to meet new people.”

Aylin Bertlin

Aylen Bertlin and her partner Gurgin travels a lot in their van.

Aylen Bertlin’s travel habits have transformed dramatically – from being a passionate traveler to completely giving up air travel. She reflects on her previous travel frequency: “There was this one year when I was abroad at least 10 times. In hindsight, I wonder what it was I was actually searching for.”

Opting out of flying has proven to offer benefits such as the ability to explore multiple cities along the way to the final destination. Train journeys to Berlin often include a stop in Malmö to enjoy a falafel or two. Similarly, when Aylen and her partner Gurgin travel by motorhome to southern Europe, making both planned and spontaneous stops to enrich the travel experience with new discoveries is a priority.

Workes well with a full-time job

Despite the challenge of managing time constraints, especially at the beginning when traveling by train requires more travel days, Aylen has found a balance that works well even with a full-time job.

“Even though the thought of skipping a spring trip to Cape Verde might feel like a near-death experience for many, I can guarantee that the journey takes on a whole different value if you just open the doors to, for example, train travel.”

This shift has not only led to a more sustainable travel style but also to a deeper appreciation for the essence of traveling and the values it can embody.

Aylen’s best tips for more sustainable traveling

Aylen shares her best tips for those who want to explore the world in a more sustainable way:

  • Start small: A short trip is an excellent first step. For example, a train journey to Berlin with Snälltåget is a perfect start.
  • Explore the options: There are many ways to travel. Consider a sailing trip if it suits you better, or use carpool groups to find car-sharing opportunities. When Aylen and her partner travel with their motorhome, they often look for fellow travelers.
  • Plan smart for long-distance train travel: Avoid journeys with many changes. Train delays are common and can lead to missed connections and involuntary overnight stays at train stations. Instead, plan sightseeing stops along the way.
  • Travel comfortably: For a pleasant journey, make sure to bring something to keep yourself occupied, such as a book, knitting, or a Game Boy. On longer trips, a pillow and a small sleeping bag are invaluable accessories.
  • Embrace the time: Many are deterred from sustainable travel due to the time it takes. Aylen emphasizes the importance of letting go of stress and seeing travel as a chance for contemplation, reflection, and making new acquaintances. A stressful vacation is not a real vacation.

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By: Desirée Nordin Widell
Title: “See travel time as an opportunity for thoughts, reflection, and a chance to meet new people.”
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