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6 Dream Organic Farms To Explore Gubbio

Villa Dama, one of the Dream Organic Farms To Explore Gubbio

Between ancient districts and rolling hills, Gubbio is a pearl of Umbria that fascinates with its historical beauty and natural landscapes. The center of Gubbio is a treasure of churches, buildings and squares that transport you back in time. The hills around the city among the valleys of the Tiber, the Chiascio and the Via Flaminia offer picturesque landscapes. In addition to the rich historical heritage and the scenic beauty, you will have the opportunity to live a different and eco-sustainable stay in the dream organic farms immersed in the green hills to explore Gubbio.

Hills of Gubbio - Dream Organic Farms GubbioGubbio – Photo via Canva Pro

Staying in an organic farmhouse in the hills of Gubbio offers an authentic connection with nature and Umbrian tradition. Sleeping under a starry sky ever seen and waking up to the scent of nature creates an unforgettable experience. These eco-friendly accommodations let you enjoy country life, savor organic and local flavors, and appreciate the beauty of the Umbrian landscape.

Gubbio offers beautiful scenery that can be explored on foot, by bike or simply relaxing in the gardens of the farms.

1. Here you dive into the woods

AgriBnB Bagno di Bosco, one of the most charming organic farms near Gubbio

This small AgriBnb, completely renovated and energetically self-sufficient, 10 minutes from the historic center of Gubbio, is surrounded by pastures and oak woods. The view is incredible and for your summer relaxation you will also find a salt pool!

“Forest bath” means to immerse yourself with all the senses in nature and absorb the effects of so much wonder. And when you are surrounded by nature you are invaded by an emotion that combines fear and comfort, admiration, and enchantment. Are you ready to experience it?

2. Here you are in an oasis of natural well-being

Dream Organic Farms Gubbio - Villa Dama

Villa Dama is an oasis of well-being in nature. This 170 hectare farm offers a complete organic farm-house experience among vineyards, olive groves, cultivated fields and orchards. The farm-house consists of a romantic village of five farmhouses, about a kilometre from the central villa.

For those who like to fully enjoy the agritourism experience, Villa Dama organizes a series of engaging activities. From organic cooking and butchery courses, to weeks of the grape and olive harvest, guests have the opportunity to participate in agricultural activities. Guided visits to the animal farm and moments dedicated to sowing and harvesting in the organic garden.

3. Here you learn about art and sustainability

The holiday houses of Alcatraz - Dream Organic Farms Gubbio

In the hills of Gubbio, the Free University of Alcatraz is a place of holidays and culture come together. In fact, founded by Jacopo Fo (son of Dario Fo), its aim is wellness, art and the dissemination of beauty and good practices.

The holiday houses, immersed in the paradise of the surrounding woods, are completely independent apartments, equipped with kitchen, with large outdoor spaces for moments of relaxation surrounded by nature.

4. Here you are on the way of Saint Francis

Organic Farm - Bio Germogli

Bio Germogli , an authentic paradise in the heart of Umbria, is surrounded by the nature of the Estate of Fassia. Located on the way of St. Francis, with a breathtaking view of the picturesque medieval town of Gubbio, it offers a haven of peace and tranquility.

In a natural oasis, the agriturismo welcomes lovers of nature and the Umbrian landscape. These were ancient houses perched on green hills and then renovated with taste and simplicity. They offer large spaces, rooms with bathroom and shower, and a cozy and functional living area.

The farm allows guests to fully immerse themselves in agricultural life thanks to the different activities that take place within it. In addition, the purchase of organic products at zero km presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts of locally sourced delights. This includes an array of ancient cereals such as spelt and millet, along with staples like chickpeas and linseed. These offerings represent the genuine taste of the Umbrian land, creating a flavorful connection between consumers and the rich agricultural heritage of the region.

5. Live country life

Live country life - Montesalce

Among the organic farmhouses near Gubbio, Montesalce stands out, offering holistic experiences, and delectable home cooking with fresh produce from the farm. The equipped apartments are located in an old farmhouse, where you can stay in contact with animals and country life.

Here you can really be “Farmer for a day“, see sustainable agriculture up close, buy fresh products at zero km, and live wellness experiences in contact with nature.

6. Here you can enjoy organic food from farm to fork

Farmhouse Guinzano

The Farmhouse Guinzano operates as a certified organic farm, surrounded by 3000 hectares of woods, crops, and livestock.” Off the beaten tourist routes, here you can get in touch with the most authentic Umbria. Furnished with antique furniture, the rooms showcase the rich history of the family, while the restaurant serves seasonal food produced on-site.

This is truly a timeless place, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and rediscover ancient pleasures, such as playing in the meadows, listening to the silence, admiring the starry sky, or spending an evening around the fire with new friends.

Which of these dream organic farms surrounded by nature will be your next stop to explore Gubbio?

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