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Budget Backpacking: 5 Affordable Backpacking Destinations for Everyone

Budget Backpacking: 5 Affordable Backpacking Destinations for Everyone

The North American Continent is famous for many things; stunning National Parks, otherworldly natural monuments, incredible cities, mind-blowing mountains, and gorgeous coastlines – just to name a few. But, for the most part, it’s not the cheapest place to travel. So where are the absolute best places in North America that are budget-friendly and can cater for all kinds of travelers? Let’s take a look and find out the best affordable backpacking destinations in America!

1. USA

The United States of America needs no introduction. It’s home to 63 extraordinary national parks and breathtaking natural life, with over 100 of the best wellness centers. This unique combination positions the US as the perfect destination for those seeking to address mental health challenges and embark on a journey of personal growth.

Zion National Park, USAZion National Park, USA, North America. Photo by Den Harrson via Unsplash

America does everything bigger and better, but it’s also an expensive place to be- so where can you head that will be budget-friendly and groundbreakingly beautiful?

Bozeman | Montana

Bozeman, and indeed Montana as a whole, is a criminally underrated area for those looking to experience something amazing.

Not only is Montana one of the cheapest states in the USA, it’s also home to 8 National Parks that attracted a total of 3.9 million visitors in 2020; which is over three times the population of the entire state.

To put that into context, 4.8 million people visited Yellowstone alone in 2021!

In Bozeman you can enjoy the outdoors, the natural beauty of the American wilderness and not see another soul for days at a time.

Hike the mountain peaks, enjoy the glacial runoff lakes and thrive in the small town vibes that Bozeman is famed for.

This is truly one of The USA’s last wildernesses, and you can avoid the crowds that gather in other American National Parks- just don’t tell anyone!

New York City | New York

NY CityPhoto by Ryan Vargas via Unsplash

You may have already scoffed just reading the heading, but perhaps you’ll be thinking differently after reading this.

New York is expensive if you eat in restaurants, stay in fancy hotels and rely on other people to get around.

If, however, you find a hostel in Manhattan or nearby neighborhoods you can enjoy the city for much less than you might think.

Eating at street food vendors, cafes and pizza parlors is a great way to meet the locals, save a few bucks and experience the local cuisine- which by the way, is world renowned.

Next up is getting around and seeing the sights- something which is largely free if you’re walking.

If you fancy it, hiring a bike is always a good option, or try something a little more adventurous such as an immersive scavenger and treasure hunt to get you around this stunning city.

This is not a place of incredible nature or stunning natural monuments, but it is one of the greatest cities on earth and should be enjoyed by all.

Don’t be put off by the high prices- do it your own way and explore the city!


CanadaPhoto by Kalen Emsley via Unsplash

Canada is the USA’s colder, more polite and larger brother- the main difference between the two is actually the population.

Canada is home to 38.6 million people, which may seem like a lot until you compare it to the USA’s 336.2 million.

Nevertheless, Canada is where you’ll find bountiful wildlife, otherworldly vistas and quite literally endless wilderness.

Canmore | Alberta

British Columbia is one of the more expensive places to visit in North America – and in fairness it has a lot to offer, but the price tag can be off putting.

Heading just across the border into Alberta does not have to mena leaving behind all the things BC offers- quite the opposite actually!

People often overlook Canmore, even though it is located in the foothills of the very mountains that make BC so special, and it is a viable option for anyone looking to experience the very best of Canada without destroying their bank accounts.

Canmore is a verified hub for outdoor activity and super close to the stunning Banff, Lake Louise and Banff National Park where you can enjoy otherworldly hikes, impossibly blue lakes and snow capped mountain peaks.

Canmore itself is a bustling little town with great coffee, awesome galleries and fantastic food- and best of all is the fact that it’s on the threshold of pure adventure.

It’s a great alternative to the extremely expensive Banff and offers plenty of opportunities for life changing experiences.


MexicoFoto di Kalen Emsley su Unsplash

We already know that Mexico is the cheap alternative to traveling in the US- but what is it that makes it so special?

Mexico is home to some of the world’s finest foods, a truly incredible ancient past and some of the most vibrant and exciting locations on the continent.

If you avoid the places that have become crowded ‘party towns’ then you’re in for some delicious cheap food, cool accommodation and stunning beaches.

Merida | Yucatan Peninsula

Merida is something of an undiscovered gem on the Yucatan Peninsula. This area is famous thanks to the likes of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum; but Merida remains off the beaten path.

It’s close enough to the party towns that you could visit if you were that way inclined, but the real magic of this town is in the food and the stunning coast.

Cheap street food can be found everywhere and there are plenty of incredibly affordable accommodation options.

There is an historic town centre filled with picturesque buildings, gorgeous churches and ancient marketplaces; and getting around via taxi or private car is super affordable.

Oaxaca City | Oaxaca

Oaxaca City (pronounced Wa-ha-ca) is a place that may sound familiar to you- it may be thanks to the Mezcal distillery, or the stunning scenery. But more than likely it will be the Dia De Los Muertos Festival, or Day of the Dead celebration.

It has become an iconic celebration of life and death and an incredible expression of art and creation; people all over the world have drawn inspiration from it, but many people never actually make the trip to this iconic town.

If you can’t make it in time for the festival then visiting at pretty much any time of the year is still a great way to go. The sun seems to perpetually shine and the city is packed with gorgeous markets, history and wonderful people.

Get an experience of the real Mexico by avoiding the tourists and hanging out with the locals.

Great North American Adventures

The North American Continent is a place of amazing history, great food, passionate people and real adventure; but the real stars of the show are the stunning natural wonders and incredible wildlife.

Exploring this stunning series of countries is simply a must-do for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts- you’ll be able to partake in the adventure of a lifetime and explore some of the last true wildernesses left to us.

It does not always have to be expensive to travel in these amazing countries, but it can require a bit more planning to find the best deals.

Cover image: photo via Canva PRO

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