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Cà de Badin in Noli: a wellness Eco-B&B to feel good and discover the truest Liguria

Cà de Badin

Just a few minutes from Liguria’s sea, surrounded by olive trees, between Noli and Spotorno, there’s an old village where time seems to have stopped. Here, a stone house, restored in an eco-friendly way by Monica and Antonio, has become the Eco-B&B Cà de Badin, an authentic place, where you can unplug and rediscover nature’s slow pace. Monica Pipoletto tells us the story of this eco-friendly bed & breakfast, started by chance, that allowed her to change life and to devote herself to what she loves!

Coast of Noli, Spotorno and Bergeggi in LiguriaView of the Coast of Noli, Spotorno and Bergeggi, Liguria. Photo via Canva PRO

How did the B&B Cà de Badin started?

Our B&B, mine and of my husband Antonio, started by chance. Actually I would like to tell a romantic story but that didn’t happen: it started by the need to grow the family income after my job loss in the economic crisis of 2010. I lost my job as a professional in restructuring (that then helped me with the renovation of the B%B). We had to pay the home mortgage in the new portion of house that we had just bought: a small rural house in a beatiful stone village on the heights of Liguria between Noli and Spotorno, near Finale, Finalborgo and Bergeggi.

I was scared to face this new experience because inside this house I put so many objects of my family to which I am emotionally tied, and sharing my space was a little scary.

B&B Cà de Badin

And yet it was a decisive turning point in my life: I can say it did more good for me than for others because I discovered that “making people feel good makes me feel good” and although I had found work again, I decided after a few years to devote myself exclusively to this beautiful and warm form of family hospitality.

eco-friendly B&B Cà de BadinEco-B&B Cà de Badin, Noli

Which good sustainable practices have you implemented?

The sustainability of our Bed & Breakfast doesn’t start with its opening but it’s a growth path that we continue to improve and implement.

Breakfast at the B&B Cà de BadinBreakfast at the eco-friendly B&B Cà de Badin, Noli

Since we are surrounded by nature, we are normally inclined to respect it.

Beyond the normal sustainability practices such as the use of organic and zero-mile products, water saving, elimination of plastic, solar panels etc., we are specializing in a wider form of sustainability that includes for example:

  • collaboration with local Pro Loco (association promoting local culture),
  • recovery of local traditions,
  • study and recovery of local construction techniques,
  • organisation of walks with the recognition of wild herbs,
  • planting of native flowers and fruit trees and also “Presidi Slow food” in our synergic garden,
  • recycle and reuse of materials, such as furniture,
  • promoting the local economy, by rewarding those who are more in line with our philosophy

…and many other things because there are so many projects.

Rooms at the B&B Cà de Badin

I like to point out that, during the renovation of this house, we decided to keep natural plasters and materials, in accordance with local building practices. Even the choice of furniture was guided by the pleasure of recovery of family objects and reuse.

What do your guests appreciate most?

The thing that our guests appreciate most is our authenticity because we live here and the guest can see first-hand our commitment to sustainability. Hosts often participate in our projects giving precious advices. And Antonio’s cakes are a must.

B&B Cà de BadinB&B Cà de Badin

Our guest appreciate our position that makes us perfect for every season: we are surrounded by olive trees, only 4 km from the sea (reachable by foot by making beautiful walks around our village).

Guests find their own time here, following the nature’s rythm: in the morning the birds, crickets and the neighbour’s rooster wake you up! At night you can see the stars and smell the resin of the pine trees.

I like to say, quoting Antonio Cuomo, “Beautiful things have a slow pace“… and here time seems to have stopped as witnessed by the clocks in the house: all strictly stopped.

What slow routes or experiences do you recommend not to miss in the surrounding area?

Marine protected area and Bergeggi’s isle

We are 30 minutes away from the major touristic attractions:

  • the marine protected area of Bergeggi’s isle,
  • the walks from Manie plateau between Finale and Noli taking the breathtaking Sentiero del Pellegrino (Pilgrim’s Path) and Grotta dei Falsari (all with a view on the sea),
  • the climbing walls for those of you who love climbing,
  • the “24H” race routes for the fans of mountain bike and downhill,
  • the famous cascate delle libellule blu (waterfalls of the blue dragonflies) in Rialto,
  • the trips in sailboat in the Santuario dei Cetacei,
  • the small medieval city Noli (a true gem),
  • the food and wine tours with emphasis on local products and slowfood presidia that we recommend to our guests with tasting of local wines,
  • the golden beaches of Varigotti
  • the “town of ceramics” Albissola, Loano, Alassio and nearby Sanremo

SpotornoSpotorno, just 4 km away from B&B Cà de Badin

Just 1 hour away from our B&B you can find the Langhe, very famous for the wine, Imperia and Genova.

Thanks to our experience of 14 years we are able, by just asking some questions, to organize our guests’ holiday wheter it’s for a day or a week.

Grotta dei Falsari, near B&B Cà de Badin

What does it mean for you to be an Ecobnb?

We continue on our growth path to be more and more environmentally friendly. Being an Ecobnb allows us to host other people, giving us the possibility to promote and publicize good practices, because example is a powerful weapon and our project is just that: to raise awareness in others that you can do it, that you can be ECO.

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Title: Cà de Badin in Noli: a wellness Eco-B&B to feel good and discover the truest Liguria
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