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Closer to Gubbio, an ecological Agribnb to reconnect with the Earth

A Cozy 'Agribnb' in the Heart of Gubbio

10 minutes from the historic center of Gubbio, discover this energetically self-sufficient AgriBnb by reading the interview with Elena Ciucci, who tells us how she brought her dream to life

“One must create places to halt our haste and wait for the soul.” Elena quotes this beautiful phrase by Tonino Guerra to explain why she decided to create near Gubbio the AgriBnB Bagno di Bosco. A magical place, nestled among the hills of Tuscany, designed to pause and rediscover oneself, the true essence of things, the connection with the land and nature.

In this interview, Elena Ciucci tells us how she brought her dream to life.

Closer to Gubbio, an ecological Agribnb to escape from the city and reconnect with the Earth

B&B Bagno di Bosco is not just a simple Bed & Breakfast but an eco-sustainable and energetically self-sufficient AgriBnb, located 10 minutes from the historic center of Gubbio. Nestled among meadows and oak forests, it offers an incredible panorama and a natural saltwater pool.

Conceived and designed by Elena and Andrés, who, after having decided to leave Milan and having gained some seasons of experience working close to nature in agritourism, fulfilled their dream: opening a small “agribnbin the middle of the woods, with a vegetable garden, breakfasts, and plenty of space for well-being practices immersed in nature!

What is the soul of your project?

Surely a strong need for reconnecting with nature, an immersion in its smells, colors, flavors, dynamics, rhythms, and the desire to learn from this flow. Hence, the choice of our name – “Bagno di Bosco” (that in Italian means Wood Bath).

The mechanism that set the whole process of rethinking our daily life in motion was undoubtedly a reflection on our city lifestyle and our work, with the conscious decision to dedicate much more time to our passions.

Closer to Gubbio, an ecological Agribnb to escape from the city and reconnect with the Earth

Bagno di Bosco” means immersing oneself with all the senses in nature and absorbing the miraculous effects of so much wonder. Nature overwhelms us with an emotion that combines fear and comfort, admiration, and enchantment when it surrounds us. A sense of vastness that draws attention from ourselves, making us feel part of “something greater.”

Closer to Gubbio, an ecological Agribnb to escape from the city and reconnect with the Earth

We have chosen a simple and graceful image of an oak leaf blowing in the wind as the logo for our project. This symbolizes the tranquility that the forest is capable of generating.

What sustainable practices have you adopted?

This was one of the main objectives to start our business: to minimize energy consumption and produce the necessary from renewable sources.

Bagno di Bosco

A photovoltaic system of almost 20kW (with the same power in stock) powers a radiant panel heating system with heat pumps (supported by a wood-burning fireplace if needed during peak BnB operations and particularly cold winter days), all governed by a building automation system. Insulated roof and floor, and a solar greenhouse for integration! During your holidays at AgriBnB, not a single gram of CO2 from FOSSIL SOURCES will be produced!

Additionally, a project has been prepared for enhancing rainwater collection and implementing a phytodepuration system for wastewater.

The excavation for the pond has already been done, and a workshop for participatory construction will soon be organized. The same applies to the approved expansion, which will be made of wood, earth, and straw with the same participatory construction method. Three trees and several bushes have already been planted in the garden, with the idea of gradually planting fruit and aromatic trees every autumn to come, based on economic possibilities, reinvesting BnB earnings in green.

What do your guests appreciate the most?

  • Breakfast: every morning different, prepared with 100% homemade products, seasonal ingredients, and as much as possible locally sourced.
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly accomodation (offers significantly higher comfort than the average country houses, especially in terms of winter heating).
  • Spacious and well-organized apartments for long stays (excellent connection for smart stays).
  • Quality complementary services: saltwater pool, garden with large tables, and a wood-fired grill/oven for outdoor dining, solar veranda for the mid-seasons, freely accessible vegetable garden.
  • Located in a particularly panoramic point, immersed in nature, in complete silence, and at the same time, only a few minutes from the historic center of Gubbio.
  • The place is an excellent starting point for less-trodden but beautiful tourist routes (Regional Parks, hermitages, historic villages). – On-site CAI trail network and the possibility of guided hikes with AIGAE guide (myself – Elena).
  • On-site electric bike rental.
  • Atmosphere: we like people to feel at home and we value dialogue, sharing, exchanging experiences, comparing, and advising. Many singles/couples express the desire to make a similar life change but don’t know how to proceed, where to start, and what experiences to gain before such a “delicate” change.
  • Proposal of activities/workshops (experiences) – Open Days calendar on the website.

Bagno di Bosco Agritur near Gubbio

What are the slow itineraries not to miss in the surroundings?

We are lucky to be located directly within an incredible network of CAI trails. From AgriBnB, you can walk to the peaks of the mountains surrounding Gubbio (Monte Foce, Ingino, Ansciano), all three rich in history and beautiful silvo-pastoral environments, from whose peaks (about 1000m) you can enjoy an incredible view of the medieval city of Gubbio and the Apennines.

slow itineraries near agritur Bagno di Bosco, Gubbio

If you desire, I (Elena – AIGAE guide) can accompany you, or you can take the routes on e-bikes, which you can rent directly from us here.

From the agri, you can walk down to Gubbio (otherwise, it’s a timed 10-minute drive!): a hike suitable for everyone, about 6 km long with a slightly more than 300m elevation gain. Two hours of leisurely walking along the Camignano stream, walking among grazing sheep first, and along the Bottaccione Valley later, following the ancient aqueduct of Gubbio, a daring architectural work from the Eugubian Middle Ages!

MnMonastero di Fonte Avellana, photo via Canva PRO

In about 30/40 minutes, you can reach sites of significant interest: the Regional Park of Monte Cucco (with its splendid beech forests and free-roaming horses), the Frasassi Caves, the Fonte Avellana Monastery, and an infinite number of wonderful small villages.

What does being an Ecobnb mean to you?

Put the interest of the environment and the places that host us before that of mass tourism.

It is important to realize a coherent vision of what sustainability means for us in the field of tourism to transmit it to our guests and direct the flows to areas. Love it so much even if it is outside the mass circuits.

We have renovated this farmhouse according to the principles of energy efficiency, with maximum attention to water and soil consumption. We set ourselves the goal of planting new trees and shrubs every year. The breakfasts are 100% homemade, using seasonal products and as much as possible of the garden and nearby farms. In addition, a percentage of the revenue goes to NGOs.

We chose to move and start a business in a so-called “disadvantaged” area because no public service serves it. We are off-grids: no aqueduct, sewerage, pipeline, withdrawal…

We must transform all this into an opportunity for reflection and questioning of our guests’ lifestyles as well as our own.

Old-fashioned tourism must change. We are not “at the service” of the paying customer.

We are the custodians of a place and we offer an experience, the most sustainable we have been able to create!

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