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Crete: a dream island blending history, nature, and relaxation

Crete: ideas for a green holiday in Greece

Crete, the largest Greek island, is a true earthly paradise that captures the heart of every traveler. From the ancient ruins of the Minoan civilization to the golden sandy beaches lapped by crystalline waters and gastronomic treasures, Crete offers an endless array of experiences for every taste. And thus, it manages to conquer the heart of anyone who ventures into its lands.

Indeed, there is so much to do and see in Crete. Every corner of the island holds something magical and special. But let us always remember to slow down, to linger along the way. Because Crete’s essence lies not only in its history and pristine nature but also in the tranquility of its rhythms and the leisurely pace that invites relaxation under the olive trees and a coffee in the squares of picturesque villages. And if there isn’t enough time to see everything and you miss something? It will only be the perfect excuse to return to this beautiful island once again.

Through the history of Crete

Palace of Knossos, CretePhoto via Canva Pro

Crete was the cradle of Minoan culture, and the entire island is scattered with incredible archaeological sites that tell the story of this advanced ancient civilization. But during your journey, you can’t miss visiting the Palace of Knossos, the main archaeological site of Crete and among the most important and famous in the world. Here, history and myth merge to create a fascinating and unparalleled place. Immerse yourself in this incredible atmosphere by exploring the labyrinthine corridors and rooms, decorated with astonishing frescoes, which house artifacts of all kinds. If you are a history and archaeology enthusiast, I can only recommend visiting the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, which boasts around 15,000 artifacts, and the palace of Phaistos.

Another piece of advice if you’re looking for history and culture. Cities like Rethymno and Chania tell their stories through the traces left by the Venetians and Ottomans, offering a journey through time among narrow alleys, imposing fortresses, and evocative mosques.

Where to stay in Crete for a green experience

Saveriako: Where to stay in Crete for a green experience

Green stay in Crete


Where to sleep in Crete

Farmhouse in Greece

Where to sleep in Greece

Farmhouse in Greece

Before proceeding to discover what to do and see in Crete, let me answer one of the questions you’re surely asking yourself. Where to stay to live all these incredible experiences and explore the island to the fullest? Saveriako is the ideal accommodation for those seeking a tranquil place to breathe in all the beauty of Cretan nature. The eco-conscious accommodation offers guests four modern apartments nestled in an olive grove. The decor made with recycled materials, the many handmade creations, and the typical blue and white colors of Greece truly create a special atmosphere. And then, there’s an incredible sea view!

Cretan nature: an explosion of color

Balos beach, CretePhoto via Canva Pro

Crete is a paradise for nature lovers, with a variety of landscapes ranging from mountains to beaches, gorges to olive groves. The island boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the Mediterranean. Here you can indeed find crystal-clear waters and golden sands that invite relaxation and fun. From Balos to Elafonissi, passing through Preveli and Vai, the options are endless.

Samaria Gorge, CretePhoto via Canva Pro

But as already mentioned, Crete is not only about the sea. By visiting the island, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore one of the longest gorges in Europe. Take a hike through the Samaria Gorge, immersing yourself in the wild beauty of the Cretan Canyon and admiring spectacular waterfalls along the way. Or explore the Imbros and Agia Irini gorges for an equally unforgettable experience.

If you’re up for a slightly more challenging yet accessible hike, we recommend trying the trail to Mount Pachnes. This mountain, located in the southwestern part of Crete, is the highest peak of the White Mountains. There are several routes available to reach the summit of Mount Pachnes. One of the most suitable routes for less experienced hikers is the one that starts from Anopoli.

The flavors of the island

Archanes, Village in CretePhoto via Canva Pro

What to eat in CretePhoto via Canva Pro

Greek OlivePhoto via Canva Pro

Photo via Canva Pro

While strolling in the aforementioned Heraklion, the capital of the island, or along Lake of Agios Nikolaos, or in the villages of Loutro and Archanes, you can taste the best of Cretan cuisine. Crete is indeed a paradise for food lovers. Let yourself be enchanted by typical dishes like moussaka, stifado, and dakos, accompanied by a glass of excellent local wine. Discover the tasty and famous Kalamata olives. Delight in fresh fish. And so let all the typical flavors of the island transport you on an unforgettable culinary journey.

In short, Crete is a journey that never disappoints, a land of contrasts and wonders ready to welcome anyone willing to explore it. Whether you’re a lover of the sea, a history enthusiast, or an adventurer seeking new experiences, here you will always find something special waiting for you. Let yourself be enchanted by this corner of Greece, its colors, and its hospitable people.

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