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Eco-Friendly Practices for Earth Day

Every April 22 is Earth Day, a chance to think about our planet and how you and the people of the world can make a difference for its good and health. This year, as the theme is ‘Planet vs. Plastic’, it may be time to make a change and plan out specific Earth Day activities that are engaging and beneficial to the world. 

Planet vs Plastic Earth Day

To get you started, here are some Earth Day realities to consider and tips to make the most of this important annual movement.

Returning To The Point Of Earth Day

An excellent way to begin planning for Earth Day is to think about what this day means and why it came about in the first place. Back when it was introduced in 1970, it was designed as a protest and a demonstration to convince the government and our fellow human beings about the importance of cutting down on waste and preserving the planet’s health. Millions of people came out on the first Earth Day and made their opinions known. It was a wonderful thing. However, many years have passed since then, and now many people believe Earth Day has gone corporate

While some people still use this opportunity to plant trees and protest, others believe capitalism has greenwashed Earth Day. Many companies use the day as a chance to announce sales and sell their products. While the purchases may be eco-friendly, they’re only a small part of the solution.

Start At Home And Declutter

Instead of buying more, one way to truly celebrate Earth Day is by staying home and decluttering your house. Go through your clothes, closets and kitchen, and consider the items you no longer use. If you haven’t touched or used something during the last year, you will likely not again. Once you have a stockpile of items, donate everything usable to local charities and donation centers. There’s a place to donate just about everything. Most items can go to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. If you have old toys, you can bring them to Toys for Tots. Many appliances and household items can go to Habitat for Humanity. 

By decluttering, you can eliminate unnecessary waste. Donating it prevents such waste from ending up in landfills and decomposing for years. Instead, you can give your products a new life. When others buy your items second-hand, they help reduce the need for factories to create pollution to make new items. It’s beneficial all around.

Rethink Your Plastic Purchases

While reducing your clutter is essential, so is reconsidering your purchasing choices, especially when it comes to plastic. Start by eliminating single-use plastic, like disposable water bottles and straws. There are also almost invisible microplastics found in polyester and other materials. This Earth Day, pledge to only buy from eco-friendly retailers who sell non-plastic products. You can also cut more plastic out of your life by drinking from a reusable water bottle, shopping with reusable bags and bringing your own reusable containers for takeout food. 

Consider spending Earth Day, or the days leading up to it, protesting or writing to local politicians to get the government more involved in reducing plastic, which they can do by banning single-use plastics or requiring recycled plastics for food packaging.

Get Outside

Many proponents of Earth Day say it should be a national holiday where people have the day off from work to get outside and help the planet. Even though it isn’t yet a reality, there are ways you can get out of the house and enjoy the occasion, while helping the planet. You can start by planting a tree in the park or in your backyard. A way to really make a difference is to get out and see if there is a highway, beach or natural area you can adopt. Doing so would mean you’re responsible for that area and keeping it clutter-free. It’s a way to truly make a difference.

Another way to volunteer, and combine adventure and sustainability, is to clean local trails at the forest or nature preserve. You can go with a few friends or organize a large group to really comb through the area to find every last piece of trash. Then, you can continue to use your love of hiking by setting up a fundraising event or hike-a-thon where people give pledges. The money raised can go towards further sustainability efforts.

While you’re traveling and looking for opportunities, you can further help the planet by traveling sustainably. If you’re traveling further away, plan your route in advance and find the most direct route. This way you reduce fuel consumption and create less pollution along the way. When you get where you’re going, dispose of trash properly and leave campsites and other areas exactly how you found them. Use recyclable packaging, like glass, for your food and water instead of cardboard or paper to eliminate the potential of creating more waste.


If you’re passionate about the health of the planet, and you want to bring Earth Day back to its original glory, you now have a number of tips and activities you can do to make that happen. Tell your friends and family about the importance of preserving the planet and you could help spark a sustainable movement.

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