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Explore San Marino in One Day

San Marino

San Marino, a microstate nestled within the territory of Italy, located exactly in the heart of Italy, and with its 33,000 inhabitants is the third smallest state in Europe. However, it’s not just that; it is also the oldest existing Republic. What I particularly liked about visiting this place is not only the amazing atmosphere, the incredible history, and ancient architecture but also the fact that you feel abroad when you are still in Italy.

Do you want to explore San Marino and have only one day available? Here’s what to see and what to do in 1 day. All the attractions that I will describe are within easy walking distance.

In the Morning: the Old Town and the Three Towers

The historic center of San Marino

Photos of San Marino, Explore San Marino in One DayPhotos of San Marino Photos Canva Pro

The first thing I went to see when I arrived in San Marino was its historic center which is a must-see.

In the heart of the city, artisan shops abound, along with narrow streets that lead to beautiful squares and stunning viewpoints that allow you to enjoy breathtaking views.

San Marino, Photo via Canva PROSan Marino, Photo via Canva PRO

If walking is not a problem for you then you will have the opportunity to climb the steep streets that run alongside the fortifications that lead you to the top of the towers.

Of course, it is not a thing for everyone because if you do not have a minimum of training the more you climb and the harder it becomes…

The Witches’ Pass and the Three Towers

My next stop takes me towards the Castle, so I take the path called “Passo delle Streghe” which connects the Three Medieval Towers that symbolize San Marino.

The three towers stand on the peaks of Mount Titano. Both the old town and Mount Titano are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Passo delle Streghe - Rocca Guaita Rocca Guaita San Marino, photos via Canva PRO

The First Tower also called Rocca Guaita is the main one. It was built without foundation directly on the stone and outside it has a double wall circle. The external one with the classic battlements and the decapitated towers at the corners.

The Second Tower, also known as Cesta or Fratta, is also of medieval origin with battlemented walls. Here there is the Museum of Ancient Weapons which houses about 535 objects, dating from the Middle Ages to the end of the nineteenth century.

The Third Tower is called Montale and is surrounded by greenery and rocks. This tower is the only one that you can not visit inside. It deserves to be seen externally (there is a pleasant path in nature that takes you there) as the show you can enjoy once you arrive is something wonderful, to say the least.

Montale, the third tower of San Marino, photos via Canva PROMontale, the third tower of San Marino, photos via Canva PRO

Now I get back on my feet and I decide to grab a bite to eat. Restaurants in San Marino are not lacking and despite everything are not even too expensive.

In the afternoon: Basilica, Piazza della Libertà, and Cava dei Balestrieri

After refueling (all that walking works up an appetite), I set off again. My next stop is the Basilica of San Marino and the Piazza della Libertà.

The Cathedral

The Basilica of San MarinoThe Basilica of San Marino, photos via Canva PRO

The Cathedral of San Marino is awe-inspiring, especially compared to the square where it is located. It was built between 1826 and 1838 on the site where a 16th-century parish church once stood.

The white color of the church makes it particularly bright or at least that’s how it seemed to me. The interior is beautiful with its Corinthian columns and various works of inestimable value.

Piazza della Libertà (Liberty Square)

Explore San Marino in One DaySan Marino, photo Canva Pro

Piazza della Libertà is the heart of the historic center of San Marino, but it is also the symbol of the struggle for independence. Quite small, but well maintained, the square has many bars and cafes where I took the opportunity to take a mid-afternoon break.

Here you can find the Statue of Liberty, located right in the center and made of Carrara marble. Among the many buildings that are located in Piazza della Libertà, what attracted my particular attention is the Public Palace.

Detail of the Palazzo del Governo San Marino Photo Canva ProDetail of the Palazzo del Governo San Marino Photo Canva Pro

It’s a building from the late nineteenth century known as the Government Palace. Inside the building, you can admire several memorial stones. The Public Palace, or Government Palace, was inaugurated on 30 September 1894 with an orator of excellence, Giosuè Carducci.

Quarry of the Crossbowmen

The Crossbowmen's Quarry - The Crossbowmen’s Quarry

The Crossbowmen’s Quarry is located just behind the Piazza della Libertà, from which the stones used to restore the Palazzo Pubblico were taken. This quarry is now prepared to host events, mostly set in medieval times, very suggestive.

My trip ended however if unlike me you should have more time available here is some useful advice on what to see again.

Other Museums

The Pinacoteca di San Francesco Museum is where you can admire famous works such as that of Guercino.

The Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in which are housed about 750 works including that of Guttuso.

The Museum of Curiosities will leave you speechless with its collection of Guinness World Records gathered through characters, news, objects, and much more, such as the world’s shortest woman or the world’s heaviest man… It’s an ideal museum even for children.

And for the more daring, there’s also the Museum of Torture, one of the most unsettling museums worldwide, so if you are easily impressionable, I strongly advise against it.

The Cable Car

The Cable Car of San Marino

A great experience to enjoy all the views from the top of San Marino to the Adriatic coast is the cable car. It connects the Castle of Borgo Maggiore with the historic center. The climb takes a couple of minutes with departures every 15 minutes.

Cover photo via Canva Pro

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