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Exploring the Riviera dei Fiori: A Fascinating Bicycle Itinerary from Imperia to Sanremo

Discover a dream bicycle itinerary along the Riviera dei Fiori. From Imperia to Sanremo, pedaling through spectacular landscapes, ancient villages, and the blue of the sea.

The Riviera dei Fiori in Liguria is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Europe. It has mild climate, picturesque coastal towns, and splendid panoramic views. One of the best ways to explore this extraordinary coastline is by bicycle. The itinerary from Imperia to Sanremo is an unmissable cycling adventure. Let’s begin!

Departure from Imperia

Imperia, the sea, and the port at sunsetImperia, photo via Canva PRO

Imperia is the perfect starting point for this bicycle adventure. It has a characteristic port, seaside promenades, sandy beaches, and also rich history. Imperia offers a variety of attractions to explore before starting your bike journey. Be sure to visit Porto Maurizio, which has narrow winding streets, beautiful medieval churches, and the “Passeggiata degli Innamorati” (Lovers’ walk), which provides unforgettable views of the blue sea.

The Cycle Path ‘dei Fiori’

Map of the Flower Cycle PathMap of the Cycle Path ‘dei Fiori’

The route from Imperia to Sanremo follows the Cycle Path ‘dei Fiori’. It offers a spectacular view of the blue Ligurian Sea on one side and the Maritime Alps on the other. Currently, the cycle path starts from Borgo Prino and ends in Ospedaletti. Borgo Prino is a charming fishing village just minutes from the center of Imperia. Construction work is ongoing, so in the future, the cycle path will cross the entire city of Imperia and, on the other side, continue towards Ventimiglia, up to France.

cycle path in ImperiaThe start of the cycle path in Imperia (from ancient tracks to green way) and the Prino village

The route provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural and cultural beauty of the region. You can pedal (or walk) along coastal paths that were once traveled by trains. The cycle path, which runs exactly on the old railway track, is well-maintained. It has two wide bike lanes with perfect asphalt, bike rental points, and numerous rest stops with fountains and benches along the way. Parallel to the cycle path, there is also a pedestrian path.

Riviera dei Fiori on bicycle The Flower Cycle Path

Along it, you can admire the sparkling sea, terraced landscapes and centuries-old olive groves. All of this by passing through tunnels, and visit beautiful medieval villages. The Cycle Path ‘dei Fiori’ is an example of the reuse of disused railway infrastructure in a green way. It offers a unique cycling experience amidst history and scenic beauty.

San Lorenzo al Mare and Its Beaches

The Flower Cycle PathThe Flower Cycle Path

After a relaxing ride and passing through a fairly long tunnel (1.5 km), we reach San Lorenzo al Mare, one of the gems of the Riviera. This charming seaside village, overlooking the sea and protected by mountains, with colorful fishermen’s houses, is famous for its beaches and crystal-clear sea. It is the perfect place for a refreshing break and a dip in the water.

San Lorenzo al MareSan Lorenzo al Mare

On one side, the sea with the sound of the waves, on the other, untouched nature. These two elements blend to create a unique scenario that has no equal among Italian cycle paths. As you travel this stretch of the cycle path after San Lorenzo, you will be surrounded by a magical succession of colors, scents, and sensations. What makes it even more fascinating is that, in the past, this part of the territory was unreachable due to the railway, so today, nature has remained so intact and uncontaminated.

Santo Stefano: A Beautiful Maze of Medieval Streets

Cycle path towards Santo StefanoCycle path towards Santo Stefano

Continuing along the cycle path, after passing San Lorenzo, Costarainera, and Cipressa, we arrive in Santo Stefano, a medieval village nestled between the hills and the sea. With its narrow streets, picturesque alleys, the ancient church of Santo Stefano Protomartire, and the tower with nine sides, Santo Stefano is a perfect stop to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Liguria.

Santo Stefano al MareSanto Stefano al Mare. Photo via Canva PRO

As the cycle path continues along the sea, we have a panoramic view of the numerous beaches of the village and the ancient harbor.

Sanremo: The Grand Finale

Cycle path from Imperia to Sanremo

After Santo Stefano, passing through Arma di Taggia, our bicycle adventure ends in Sanremo. It is famous for its temperate climate, blooming gardens, and music. The last 8 kilometers of the cycle path are completely flat and take us to the heart of the city. The route runs alongside the former Sanremo railway station, at the end of the seafront of Corso Imperatrice, and then continues towards Ospedaletti.

Winner's plaque at Sanremo festivalBrass plaque on vi Matteotti pavement

Sanremo, which is undoubtedly one of the liveliest and animated cities of the Riviera di Ponente, welcomes us with overwhelming energy. Leaving the cycle path, we immerse ourselves in the pulsating heart of the city: via Matteotti. Here, among craft shops, boutiques, and cafes, looking down, we discover on the street pavement brass plaques engraved with all the names of the winners of the Sanremo Festival, from the first edition to today. The “city of flowers” hosts numerous nationally significant events, from the famous Sanremo Festival to the historic cycling competition “Milano-Sanremo.”

San RemoSan Remo

Practical Tips

Before leaving, make sure you have a well-maintained bicycle and check the conditions of the cycle path. Along the route, you can find numerous visible bicycle rental and repair points: kiosks and gazebos directly on the path. Bring appropriate clothing, water, and food for the journey, and always remember to respect traffic rules and safety.

Exploring the Riviera dei Fiori from Imperia to Sanremo by bicycle is an unforgettable experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the natural and cultural beauty of Western Liguria. With its breathtaking views, picturesque villages, and the freedom to explore at your own pace the numerous beaches, this bicycle itinerary is a true outdoor adventure. Have a great trip!

Info: Official website of the Cycle Path

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