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Green in Every Way: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Sustainably

St. Patrick’s Day has become a festive holiday where people like to go all-out as they prove how green they can be, with leprechaun-inspired costumes and themed parties. One way to up the ante this year is to be green in every possible way by making sustainable choices. This can help you enjoy the day, while also benefiting the planet. 

St. Patrick's Day camping green

There are many ways to have an eco-friendly holiday, from buying second-hand outfits to enjoying a camping trip or nature hike with friends. Here are a few simple ways to be green over this St. Patrick’s Day weekend:

Green And Sustainable Outfits And Decor

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, many people wear green, decorate their offices and throw parties. You can do all that and more this year while being eco-friendly. 

If you’re going to throw a party, you can start by making your decorations. As many people find the urge to be sustainable, countless ideas can be found on the internet for green decor. So, see what you can make yourself. A good goal is to make decorations out of upcycled materials you already have at home. This way you’re not buying new products year after year. The sky’s the limit to what you can create. Some ideas include:

  • Making pots of gold out of toilet paper rolls.
  • Transforming old soda bottles into candle holders.
  • Making a green wreath out of strips of pillows and shirts you have at home and no longer wear.
  • Creating a St. Patrick’s Day headband from belts you have at home.

If you’re not crafty, but still want to be eco-friendly, you can do so by being smart about what you buy. For instance, choose reusable materials instead of purchasing the plastic green beads or plastic tablecloths everyone else buys and throws out at the end of the day. A cloth tablecloth can be washed, and the decor can last year after year, so you don’t need to repurchase it so often. 

Green Outfits

When looking for attire to wear at your party, resist the urge to buy new. There’s no reason to require factories to pollute the skies to make new outfits year after year, when you can follow one of the golden rules of going green and buying second-hand. 

Head to your favorite thrift store and you’ll find various green outfits for men, women and children. Get the shirts, pants, vests and more. Best of all, you’ll be able to wear them annually. 

Make the most of your trip by learning to thrift like a pro. An important tip is to create a budget and plan how much you intend to buy before you go. Thrift store prices are generally very affordable, but it can be easy to go overboard. Don’t let that happen or you could end up buying things you may never wear. It also helps to bring a friend who can help you pick the best outfits. Remember to check your size, so you don’t waste time and resources on clothes that won’t fit.

Go Camping

One fun way to be sustainable this St. Patrick’s Day is to skip the traditional celebration at home or the pub and instead go camping. By spending time outdoors, you’ll use a fraction of the electricity you use at home, if you use any at all. Plus, spending time outside is great for your physical and mental health, so it’s a no-brainer. 

The other great thing is you can camp during every season, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re camping during this transition between winter and spring, when it may be colder outside. Since March can bring different temperatures where you live, watch the forecast and dress accordingly. You want to stay warm and avoid sickness. Also, call the campsite in advance to ensure they’re open and accepting guests.

Camping during the holiday provides the opportunity for many unique St. Patrick’s Day-themed activities, as well. Take a hike through forest meadows and look for four-leaf clovers. Then, bring that idea to the next level by having a St. Patrick’s Day nature scavenger hunt or playing bingo as you all look for rainbows, fluffy clouds, puddles for jumping and walking sticks. At night, sit around the campfire and tell your favorite leprechaun stories. Just remember to leave no trace when you’re done. 

Drinks And Meals

No matter where you celebrate, continue to make sustainability your central theme by preparing eco-friendly meals and using suitable materials along the way. Stay green with your drinks by serving up your beverages in reusable cups you can wash and use again. Make cocktails out of local, seasonal ingredients and avoid disposable straws.

Some people think of dying foods green for the holiday, but instead, you can use healthy food that’s already green, like grapes, green bell peppers and avocados. All of which make excellent finger foods. If you still want to dye foods, look for natural solutions instead of buying them at the store, like mixing up spinach into a paste and pouring it over the foods. When it comes to the main meal at your event, look for organic and local food. There are lots of green vegetables you can incorporate into your main dish. 


There are so many ways to create a sustainable St. Patrick’s Day celebration, there’s no reason not to have your party any other way. Go outside, enjoy nature and make your own decorations. You’ll make it a holiday to remember.

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