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THE 5 BEST Nature Attractions in Alicante

SAN JUAN BEACH,Alicante nature attractions

Exploring Spain’s Coastal Gem with an Eco-Conscious Heart

Alicante, a jewel on Spain’s sun-drenched Costa Blanca, captivates visitors with its blend of laid-back city life and the siren song of nature. But the true heart of Alicante lies in a commitment to sustainable tourism, a philosophy that extends to the stunning natural wonders found within the province. Beyond bustling beaches and charming cityscapes, this region offers a chance to tread lightly while immersing yourself in some of Spain’s most spectacular natural landscapes.

Alicante recognizes that preserving its natural treasures is crucial for both the environment and the enjoyment of future generations. The city has embraced initiatives ranging from extensive public transportation networks and renewable energy sources to promoting eco-friendly accommodations and supporting businesses dedicated to conservation. This conscious approach ensures that even as you indulge in the beauty of waterfalls, hike coastal cliffs, or explore protected marine reserves, you’re contributing to a greener future for this captivating corner of Spain.

Your desire for adventure doesn’t have to conflict with a desire to protect the places you visit. Eco-conscious travel is about mindful choices: opting for public transport, minimising waste, supporting local communities, and seeking out experiences that prioritise sustainability. In Alicante, this isn’t just possible – it’s the heart of a truly memorable journey.

Let’s dive into five of Alicante’s must-visit natural attractions, where you can connect with the wonders of the natural world while being an active participant in their preservation.

Las Fuentes del Algar

A Waterfall Paradise Prioritising Sustainability

Las Fuentes del Algar, Alicante natural attractionPhoto via Canva PRO

Las Fuentes del Algar demonstrates that natural beauty can thrive alongside responsible tourism. This protected area goes beyond simply offering stunning waterfalls and swimming holes. They implement strict conservation measures ensuring water quality and biodiversity protection. Remember, a refreshing dip comes with responsibility – use biodegradable sunscreen, and dispose of all waste properly.

Penyal d’Ifac Natural Park

Coastal Hike with a Low Footprint

Penyal d'Ifac Natural ParkPhoto via Canva PRO

The iconic Penyal d’Ifac rock is an irresistible call to nature lovers. Choose a less crowded time for your hike to avoid trail erosion and minimise disturbance to the park’s wildlife. Opt for sturdy, reusable footwear for better trail grip, reducing your reliance on single-use gear. As always, pack out any snacks or water bottles you bring to leave this pristine environment as you found it.

El Palmeral

An Urban Oasis Enjoyed Responsibly

El Palmeral, AlicantePhoto via Canva PRO

El Palmeral’s lush greenery is a testament to how cities can integrate nature with respect. While enjoying this green haven, contribute to its preservation by avoiding littering, staying on dedicated paths to protect vegetation, and being mindful of water use – even in a seemingly abundant park.

Tabarca Island

A Marine Reserve Gem Calling for Conscious Exploration

Tabarca IslandPhoto via Canva PRO

Tabarca Island’s marine reserve status highlights the importance of safeguarding marine ecosystems. Support this mission by choosing reef-safe sunscreen, never feeding or touching marine life while snorkelling or diving, and patronising local businesses that promote sustainable tourism. Every responsible choice you make ripples out to protect this island paradise.

El Hondo Natural Park

A Wetland Haven for Birdwatchers

El Hondo Natural Park, Alicante nature attractionPhoto via Canva PRO

Located south of Alicante, El Hondo Natural Park is a crucial wetland habitat teeming with birdlife. It’s a haven for migrating and resident species, offering birdwatchers a chance to observe flamingos, herons, egrets, and many more. Explore the network of walking trails and observation hides, immerse yourself in the rich soundscape of the wetlands, and learn about the vital role this ecosystem plays in the region’s biodiversity.

Getting Around Sustainably – Booking Transfers or Public Transport

Green Travel in Alicante as the Heart of Your Trip

A truly green adventure begins with the journey itself. Here’s how to minimise your carbon footprint while exploring Alicante’s natural spaces:

  • Public Transport: Embrace slow travel and prioritise buses and trams – adventure awaits at every stop! Consider purchasing a multi-day pass for greater convenience and potential savings.
  • Electric Vehicles: Rent an EV to explore areas further afield with a clean conscience. Many transfer companies use renewable energy sources to charge their fleets, making it a true eco alternative.
  • Sustainable Transfers: Look for Alicante airport transfers committed to reducing emissions. Choose providers that offer hybrid or electric vehicles, and reward these efforts when booking your transfer.
  • On Foot or Wheel: Explore city parks by foot or rent a bicycle for a fun, emissions-free way to see the sights. Alicante’s compact center makes this easy and enjoyable.

The Conscious Traveller’s Pledge

Sustainable tourism is a commitment, a way of exploring mindfully. Choose eco-friendly accommodations that support local communities. Opt for outdoor experiences with minimal equipment needs. Shop locally and support businesses aligned with your values. Each small action adds up.

eco-friendly accomodation in AlicanteEco-friendly accommodation in Alicante

Let’s Wrap It Up

Alicante offers a chance to embrace the beauty of the natural world while being advocates for its protection. Pack your adventurous spirit alongside reusable water bottles, a commitment to conservation, and a desire to travel with a purpose. By being conscious travellers, we ensure the wonders of Alicante will inspire generations to come.

Cover image: San Juan Beach in Alicante, photo via Canva PRO

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