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What Does Planting Trees Really Do For You?

Raise your hand if you love trees.


Let’s see… 1, 2, 3… ok, so pretty much everyone.

Trees are not just beautiful sources of shade, fruit, and flowers. They’re one of the most vital keys to overcoming global warming.The UN estimates that we need to invest $8.1 trillion into nature restoration by 2050… which means we gotta plant a lotta trees!


Despite their critical role, the volume of tree cover continues diminishing rapidly due to deforestation. Studies show we could lose about 2,890,000 square miles of tropical forest by 2050 if we proceed at this rate.

How Tree Planting Benefits the Environment

A lot of people, including environmentalists, sometimes dismiss tree planting projects. Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “planting a tree makes such a small impact, and you have to wait decades for it to absorb all the CO₂ promised.” While that’s true, they’re missing the point. Its not about planting A tree. It’s about scaling tree planting so that we can plant trillions of trees.


Absorbing Carbon Emissions

As we all know, Carbon emissions are the top contributor to the greenhouse effect. These emissions exacerbate global warming, resulting in shrinking water supplies, altered weather patterns, whacked-out seasonal patterns, and rising sea levels.

But tree planting can help combat these emissions. Trees trap CO₂ from the atmosphere, separating it into carbon (which they convert to carbohydrates used in plant growth) and oxygen, which is released into the air after they use it in photosynthesis.

An acre of forest absorbs around six tons of CO₂ each year and returns four tons of O₂, meaning the trees and plants sequester 2 tons of Carbon annually.

A study by Swiss scientists further shows that planting about a trillion trees will help absorb about 830 billion tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to the volume of carbon produced in the past 25 years!

Unfortunately, a lack of understanding often makes many people overlook tree planting in favor of technological solutions that can draw down CO2. But tree planting goes far beyond simply removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

So let’s check out all the benefits and co-benefits that tree planting can have:

Cleaning the Air

Trees and other plants absorb and reuse pollutant gases, like nitrogen oxide. Plus, dust and other tiny particulates get trapped in tree leaves, keeping them out of our lungs. After trees intercept these pollutants, they’re washed away by rain, leading to purer and cleaner air.

Conserving Energy

Trees can control the weather! Trees release water through their leaves (a process called transpiration) which regulates temperature, humidity, and other weather elements in their microclimate. Plus, they keep things cool by absorbing and reflecting the sun’s radiant heat.

Air Pollution Carbon emissions

Trees have the potential to reduce our cities’ temperatures by up to seven degrees! If planted strategically, the cooling effect of even just one young tree is huge.

During winter, trees reduce heating needs by providing insulation and blocking the wind. 

Basically, surrounding yourself with trees can minimize energy consumption, which is great for the environment and your wallet!

Tree Planting Promotes Biodiversity

A single tree can be home to a plethora of useful bacteria, fungi, insects, plants, mammals, and other living things. In old tropical forests, trees form complex canopies and promote undergrowth vegetation. This provides habitats for native species that thrive in the undergrowth.


As a result, trees promote biodiversity and restore ecological balance, resulting in healthier ecosystems. By planting more trees, you create a home for hundreds of other species.

Trees Prevent Water Pollution

Tons of dumped waste ends up in our rivers, lakes, and oceans due to stormwater runoff every day. This water pollution damages beautiful aquatic ecosystems, from wetlands to the deep seas.

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Trees prevent stormwater pollution by trapping precipitation, reducing the amount of stormwater that would otherwise carry pollutants into streams. Plus, trees have intricate root systems that prevent soil erosion during heavy rains, while also absorbing pollutants. This reduces the risk of flooding, over-saturation, and water pollution.

Join in the Sustainability Movement Today

Trees are the pillar of nature. They purify the air you breathe and the water you drink, cool the atmosphere, and function as a habitat to over 80% of the world’s biodiversity. Join a tree planting project today, so our global community can enjoy these benefits for generations to come.

This is why we’ve partnered with organizations around the globe to make it easy for you to plant trees and contribute to our collective fight to build a more sustainable planet. We work with our partners to help ensure the trees planted are living up to their fullest potential and safe from harm’s way. 

If you’re an individual looking to contribute, for just $5 dollars a month, you can plant 5 trees. The amount of carbon absorbed in these 5 trees is enough to offset the average person’s monthly emissions. Get started here!

If you’re a business looking to find ways to be more eco-friendly (and benefit from your stewardship) we’d love to chat and find ways in which we can help. Contact us here.

Become a partner of the Carbon Offset Company to join in the sustainability movement today.

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