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Green Up Your Business in 2024

If you have committed to making your business greener this year, congratulations! You have chosen a truly worthy goal. 

We’ve got some tips to help you in your green endeavors. Take a look and see how you can best incorporate them into your day-to-day operations.

green up your business in 2024

Unplug What You Don’t Use

A very simple and effective way to make your business more green is to stop using as much electricity. The first step you can take might sound silly: ask your employees to unplug their laptops once they are fully charged. Plug them back in when the battery is close to running out. 

The same goes for other devices. Unplug computers, coffee machines, toasters, lamps and especially phone chargers when they are not in use. This helps put a stop to sources of phantom energy.

Waste Less Paper

Most office workers need to print something from time to time. However, you can often avoid doing so by sharing documents digitally. If digital sharing isn’t an option, only print what is absolutely necessary. 

Ask your staff to carefully consider whether something needs to be printed. Ask them to use both sides of a piece of paper. When taking notes at meetings, ask them to do so on their laptop or phone. Don’t throw away pieces of paper that still have space on them. 

You should also invest in recycled printing paper and recycle all the waste paper your office generates. 

Get Around with a Golf Cart

If your business premises are spread out over a larger area, or if you need to get around between warehouses or other complexes, try using a golf cart instead of a car. This is a much greener and more energy-efficient mode of transportation. It can also significantly cut down your costs. 

You will need to periodically service your golf cart, but even this will be easier and more affordable than a car. 

Of course, walking is always your best option, if the distance isn’t too far and you don’t have to transport items from building to building.

Switch to Light Sensors and Timers

A lot of electricity is wasted through forgetfulness. Fortunately, you can implement simple solutions designed to cut down on your power consumption.

Install motion sensors to turn on the lights in a hallway or bathroom only when the space is occupied. Install timers to turn appliances and lights off when there is no one in the office. This way, even if your staff forgets to turn something off, technology will take care of it. 

Encourage Carpooling

Traffic is a major contributor to pollution. As a company, you can help reduce vehicular emissions by encouraging your staff to come to work via carpool and ride-sharing. 

There might be some resistance to this idea when you first propose it. However, by explaining the benefits and offering incentives, you can get the ball rolling. Make sure the management and top-level executives are also a part of the carpool rather than coming to work in their own car. 

Create a Hybrid Workplace

If you can, you should also encourage either a hybrid or completely remote workplace. If your staff needs to be in the same room to get some of their work done, you can rent out a space for their needs, instead of keeping an entire office at their disposal at all times. 

Remote work can significantly boost productivity and improve work-life balance. You’ll likely discover your staff is getting more done in less time and in a more cost-effective, eco-friendly manner. 

Wrapping Up

Going truly green will take both some time and effort. But as long as you stay committed to the cause, you can make a significant change over time. Just think about the smallest steps you can implement today. They will start adding up.

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